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PSH have been very helpful from the moment I moved in. Unlike my previous supported housing accommodation the support worker visits everyday helps me with all my needs. The house is kept in good condition and maintenance is always carried out.

Service user

When I moved in I was expecting your typical hostel, however this is the best shared accommodation I have stayed in. We have internet and cleaner that comes around. The staff are very friendly and easy to talk with.

Service user

I have been with Pegasus for 3 months, since then I have got onto the correct benefits, am applying for my own housing and they have got me motivated to start training courses to help me strengthen my CV so I can get back into employment and get my own place.

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I have recommended Pegasus to a number of my friends in similar situations to me and they all say the same. The staff  treat us with respect and we are provided what we need to keep our properties clean and tidy. I am really happy with my room and was given brand new bedding when I moved in. Its definitely been all positive since I moved in here.

Service user

I arrived at Pegasus whilst sleeping ruff. I moved into my place, and straight away the support staff asked if I needed anything to get me by. My support worker got me engaged with crisis where I carried out various courses. I am now in part time employment and I’ve been bidding on properties to move into my own place with the help of my support worker.

Service user