About us

Pegasus Supported Housing are an established provider of high quality housing and support. Our standard of excellence is echoed through our reputation with service users and partnership organisations in the Midlands. We provide over 100 vulnerable adults with housing every year, significantly contributing to prevention and management of the housing crisis in the Midlands.

Our Vision Statement

To consistently provide and deliver the highest standards of housing and support to adults to ensure they are safeguarded and individual needs are identified and met. Each of these individuals’ plans of support are collaboratively led through consultation, and further informed by extensive support and risk management planning.

Pegasus Supported Housing will seek to empower all service users to be placed at the very centre of the support they receive, and furthermore be encouraged, and given the autonomy, to shape their support.

It is our vision statement, organisational values and aims that underpin every aspect of our practice and assist in ensuring we remain a respected provider of supported housing services.

Our Values

Our aims

Employ a quality workforce

Work in partnership

Focus on outcomes

Excellent every time

Never stop learning